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Brooke Franchise Corporation offers aggressive pricing for the acquisition of independent insurance agencies.
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Seller Testimonials

Seller Consulting

Transaction Process

Brooke offers agency sellers the specialized services of: 1) business profile development 2) revenue tabulation 3) purchase agreements and 4) general sale preparation.

Business Profiles Business profiles are compiled from the Seller Survey which includes revenue sources, customer concentrations, employee summaries and demographic analysis.

Revenue Tabulations Revenue tabulation is crucial information to prospective buyers. After compiling the business profile, Brooke tabulates and produces a historical revenue report.

Purchase Agreements Brooke provides contracts for the transfer of assets.

General Sale Preparation As most business owners sell their business only once, Brooke’s experienced consultants offer assistance during each step of the sale process.

To prepare for the sale of your agency, compile the following items:

Tax Returns - Most buyers will look to reference 3-5 years of tax history

Profit and Loss Reports - To display the cost structure of your agency

Commission Statements - For potential buyers to verify revenues

Production Reports - For potential buyers to review the quality of your business

Seller Testimonials