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Brooke Franchise Corporation offers aggressive pricing for the acquisition of independent insurance agencies.
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The Brooke Acquisitions team possesses the essential skills, experience and market trend knowledge necessary to help navigate through this ever-changing industry. Our advisors specialize in middle market insurance agency transactions. Our due diligence assistance allows us to identify opportunities and provide well-informed exit strategies for insurance agency owners.

Experience: Brooke Franchise Corporation has 20 years of consulting experience, our valuation services are designed to maximize the value of your independent insurance agency.  Our operation team delivers immediate support to help build exit strategies.

Confidentiality: We respect the sensitive nature of exiting a business. All correspondence can remain confidential; key employees, competitors and insurance company relationships are not jeopardized.

Access to Capital: Our sister company, Brooke Credit Corporation, provides immediate access to capital. This access enables us to offer aggressive pricing and terms.

Strategy: We deliver exit strategies for owners. Our advisors have facilitated more than 600 agency acquisitions; they can help maintain the legacy, staff, customers and locations of your business.

Support: As most business owners sell their business only once, our experienced consultants offer assistance during each step of the sale preparation. We know the marketplace, you can rely on us to deliver professional service.

Brooke can structure purchases to fit almost any seller's needs.

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"Selling my agency was one of the most important and emotional decisions I have ever had to make. One of my biggest concerns was what would happen to my agency, employees and customers. I feel confident that the agency's reputation, which I enjoyed for so long, will remain intact thanks to Brooke. MajesticWarrior

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