Brooke Franchise Corporation
Agency Acquisitions

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Operations Network

Regional Offices

Dallas Region
PO Box 700937
Dallas, TX 75370-0937
Phone: 888-949-2881
Fax: 888-292-3847
Warren Kuberry, Regional Vice President
Denver Region
PO Box 372670
Denver, CO 80237-2670
Phone: 866-426-0637
Fax: 303-649-9893
Susan Merisko, Regional Vice President
Kansas City Region
PO Box 412008
Kansas City, MO 64141-2008
Phone: 800-642-1872
Fax: 913-451-3183
Jim Bailey, Regional Vice President
Nashville Region
PO Box 305251
Nashville, TN 37230-5251
Phone: 888-292-4056
Fax: 888-292-4059
Joe Craven, Regional Vice President
Sacramento Region
PO Box 980008
West Sacramento, CA 95798-0008
Phone: 888-292-5945
Fax: 888-292-3697
Tammy Goodier, Regional Vice President
Region Map

Brooke has regional offices in Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Nashville and Sacramento. These offices are the first line of assistance by Brooke for its franchisee opportunities and challenges. Brooke believes that closer proximity and more frequent contact with franchisees result in faster and better problem resolution.

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