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Our primary mission is to continually provide our franchisees with the vision, support, and competitive edge needed to thrive in the ever-changing insurance industry.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is to support and sustain independent insurance agency ownership opportunities through franchising. As a franchisor we continually strive to enhance the success of our franchisees.

Our Franchisees
The secret to Brooke's success is simple. Brooke Franchise Corporation succeeds because its franchisees succeed. Franchisee success requires the selection of an individual with an entrepreneurial personality and a willingness to work hard to make a dream of ownership come true.

Brooke Franchise Corporation's success and growth have been significant from the start. Since 2001 the company has grown from 106 franchise locations to over 600. This consistent increase in growth is attributed to Brooke's business model, loyal franchise agents, and company representatives.

In the mid-1980s, Brooke's founder, Robert D. Orr, managed a small property and casualty insurance agency for a community bank. During this time, the agency lost much of its value as the result of decreased access to insurance carriers. It became evident that local ownership and operation is essential to success. With this knowledge, Robert Orr embarked on the development of Brooke Franchise Corporation.

From 1996 to 1999, Robert Orr and members of Brooke Franchise Corporation spent significant resources researching and developing the processing standards and marketing plans which encompass Brooke’s franchise program. During this period, Brooke also re-wrote its document management and commissions reconciliation software to accommodate new processing standards and began to present document images and commission statements on Brooke’s web site.

In 2000, Rob Orr published a book entitled “The Death of an Insurance Salesman?” which summarizes the philosophy of Brooke Franchise Corporation.

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