Brooke Franchise Corporation
Agency Acquisitions

Owning a Brooke Franchise is a tremendous opportunity. For more information regarding Brooke Franchise Ownership Opportunities, please complete the contact form.


Brooke Franchise Corporation supports insurance agency ownership through franchising. Success by local business owners requires the discipline, support and resources that a franchise organization like Brooke Franchise Corporation provides. As the corporate name indicates, franchising is the foundation of Brooke, and it now has over 600 total franchises with locations in 26 states.

Franchising is a key element to building sound relationships. The success of Brooke franchisees is based on a foundation of common goals and core values.

Entrepreneurship is something we strongly believe in and therefore offer many services as well as financial support to assist you with business ownership. We are always looking for motivated and aggressive individuals to join our franchise team.

"Brooke Franchise Corporation succeeds
because our franchisees succeed."

Shawn Lowry, President of Brooke Franchise Corporation

Success Plan



BFC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brooke Corporation which is listed on the NASDAQ under the symbol "BXXX".
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